BOD Meeting Notes 8-23-17

Meadow Brooke HOA    Board Meeting    8-23-17

Attendance-Stu Hillis Pres (telecom), Brian Russel VP Blk.1, Anita Hillis Secretary, Mary Raborn Treasurer

  1. Financial Report

Mary has been in contact with AA Bookkeeping to insure accuracy in preparing an annual budget report for the last few years.  It was decided to continue paying for services from AA Bookkeeping.

It was decided to appoint Jackola as the ARC.  Meadowbrooke HOA will no longer be involved in the approval of, or the financial aspect of approving, building plans.  Jackola will notify the Board of plans approved and collect their own fees for review.  Mary motioned and Brian seconded.

  1. Road Repairs and Paving

The need for crack repair and Seal Coating was discussed.  It was decided to have the crack repair completed this fall and a double seal coat applied in the spring of 2018.

  1. Pond Entrance

The Board feels the HOA as a whole is noncompliant with CC&Rs because the drive way to the communal pond area is not paved.  Bids are being sought for the paving of this area.

  1. Perusing Quotes for Maintenance (plowing/mowing)

As the plowing season approaches bids are being sought for the annual plow/mow contract.  The new contract will include a full ditch mowing of 12 feet beyond the edge of the paved road.  This is necessary for fire safety.  Concerns were raised about those properties with fencing closer than 12 feet to the road.  This is an issue of fencing being beyond the survey pin boundary and into the legal easement.

  1. Block 1 Survey-Brian reported that the Block 1 survey shows home owners would prefer to be a separate entity and a legal way to dissolve the union is under investigation.
  2. Other Business-A letter will be drafted and sent to alert lot owners of the upcoming road repairs and the possible succession of Block 1.  A second certified letter with a voting ballade will be sent after all financial considerations of road maintenance are reviewed.


As special board meeting was held on 8-30-17 to discuss road repairs with Asphalt Doctor.  All board members were present.


Next Board Meeting is September 28th at 7:00pm


Anita Hillis

Meadowbrooke HOA