BOD Meeting 1.23.18

Meadow Brooke HOA   Board Meeting   1-23-18

Attendance-Stu Hillis Pres, Brian Russel VP Blk.1, Laura Cox VP Blk. 2, Anita Hillis Secretary, Mary Raborn Treasurer

Treasurer reports that the Meadowbrooke business license has been renewed by the book keeper.

All signed documents from block 1 members concerning session have been filed.

Current finances make it necessary for the postponement of final road seal coating.  Seal coating is scheduled for spring of 2019.

BOD approved the remodel of the Hicks cabin into a short term livable residence for the purpose of inhabitance during building of a permanent residence.

President will compose and mail a notice of assessment increase.  An informal meeting of members is scheduled for February 17th.

Anita Hillis

HOA Secretary.

BOD Meeting 11.28.17

Meadow Brooke HOA   Board Meeting   11-28-17

Attendance-Stu Hillis Pres, Brian Russel VP Blk.1, Laura Cox VP Blk. 2, Anita Hillis Secretary, Mary Raborn Treasurer

Discussion on the limitations of the current book keeper and the possibility of hiring a new firm.

Secretary will investigate the renewal of Meadowbrooke’s business license.

One lot owner did not receive the assessment information for 2017.  A onetime late fee exemption was awarded.

Early snows halted the completion of the road crack seal.  Completion is set for the spring of 2018.

CC&R amendment concerning the secession of Block 1 was passed and signed by all board members.

Shea Hicks requested permission for the upgrade on her guest home/cabin.   Dwelling is to be occupied while a permanent residence is built.


Anita Hillis

HOA Secretary.

BOD Meeting 10.19.17

BOD Meeting Notes 10-19-17

Meadow Brooke HOA   Board Meeting   10-19-17

Attendance-Stu Hillis Pres, Brian Russel VP Blk.1, Laura Cox VP Blk. 2, Anita Hillis Secretary, Mary Raborn Treasurer

Block 1 needs an official letter from BOD to release them from the HOA.  Also, all minutes pertaining to the matter will be sent to Block 1.  Phase one of secession will include a separate bank account for Block 1.

Treasurer’s Report-HOA is currently unable to maintain roads and other expenses with the current assessment rates.  Discussion on just what an increase would look like.

Discussion on weed management and paving of driveway entrances.

Anita Hillis

HOA Secretary.

BOD Meeting Notes 9-26-17


Meadow Brooke HOA   Board Meeting   9-26-17

Attendance-Stu Hillis Pres, Brian Russel VP Blk.1, Anita Hillis Secretary, Mary Raborn Treasurer

Treasure initiated a conversation about past due assessments.  It was decided that a $15 per month late fee would be assessed to all outstanding assessments and that a lien would be filed after 6 months if the annual assessment is not paid.  All agreed. Motion passes.  Presently one lot falls into the 6 month category.  A lien is being pursued.

Block 1 road was crack sealed today.  The company seems to be doing quality work.

Block 1 succession: 8 of 10 responses were positive.  BOD finds it unnecessary to pole the residence of Block 2 as it does not affect them. Treasure will research the capital owed Block 1 on the date of succession from current holdings.  Motion to have Block 1 separate from Meadowbrooke HOA passed.

An increased annual assessment is due for Block 2.  Rising costs and no increase in the annual assessment for 10 years has left the HOA without the needed funds to crack seal and seal coat the road.  Methods of finance are under investigation.

A letter notifying Block 2 residence of the need to pave the apron of their driveway will be issued in January.

Next Board Meeting is October 19th at 7:00pm


Anita Hillis

Meadowbrooke HOA


BOD Meeting Notes 8-23-17

Meadow Brooke HOA    Board Meeting    8-23-17

Attendance-Stu Hillis Pres (telecom), Brian Russel VP Blk.1, Anita Hillis Secretary, Mary Raborn Treasurer

  1. Financial Report

Mary has been in contact with AA Bookkeeping to insure accuracy in preparing an annual budget report for the last few years.  It was decided to continue paying for services from AA Bookkeeping.

It was decided to appoint Jackola as the ARC.  Meadowbrooke HOA will no longer be involved in the approval of, or the financial aspect of approving, building plans.  Jackola will notify the Board of plans approved and collect their own fees for review.  Mary motioned and Brian seconded.

  1. Road Repairs and Paving

The need for crack repair and Seal Coating was discussed.  It was decided to have the crack repair completed this fall and a double seal coat applied in the spring of 2018.

  1. Pond Entrance

The Board feels the HOA as a whole is noncompliant with CC&Rs because the drive way to the communal pond area is not paved.  Bids are being sought for the paving of this area.

  1. Perusing Quotes for Maintenance (plowing/mowing)

As the plowing season approaches bids are being sought for the annual plow/mow contract.  The new contract will include a full ditch mowing of 12 feet beyond the edge of the paved road.  This is necessary for fire safety.  Concerns were raised about those properties with fencing closer than 12 feet to the road.  This is an issue of fencing being beyond the survey pin boundary and into the legal easement.

  1. Block 1 Survey-Brian reported that the Block 1 survey shows home owners would prefer to be a separate entity and a legal way to dissolve the union is under investigation.
  2. Other Business-A letter will be drafted and sent to alert lot owners of the upcoming road repairs and the possible succession of Block 1.  A second certified letter with a voting ballade will be sent after all financial considerations of road maintenance are reviewed.


As special board meeting was held on 8-30-17 to discuss road repairs with Asphalt Doctor.  All board members were present.


Next Board Meeting is September 28th at 7:00pm


Anita Hillis

Meadowbrooke HOA


Annual Meeting & Elections/Vote

Meadowbrooke Homeowners’ Association Annual Meeting & BOD Elections/Vote will be Wednesday, July 19th, 7:00 p.m. at the Hilltop (Marion Grille) Pavilion in Marion, MT. — Information mailed to members on 6/30/17 includes meeting agenda and proxy vote forms for those who wish to assign someone else to vote on their behalf due to absence. Proxies must be in hand at date/time of meeting for absentee ballots to be counted.